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Should planetary and earth system boundaries be further discussed?

The new TIPPING+ paper, co-authored by J. David Tàbara entitled "Earth system justice needed to identify and live within Earth system boundaries" is now published at Nature Sustainability!

The paper is based on the work of Earth Commission Working Group on Transformations that looks at actors and policies leveraging transformative change. The Earth Commission aims to identify a safe and just corridor for people, nature and the planet by 2050 in a world of possibly 10 billion people.

The article elaborates on the different dimensions and conceptions of justice that constitutes Earth System Justice (ESJ). Earth System Justice is defined as an equitable sharing of nature’s benefits, risks and related responsibilities among all people in the world. The paper shows how boundaries may need to be adjusted to reduce harm and increase #access, and challenge inequality to ensure a safe and just future for people, other species and the planet.

ESJ considers the multiple dimensions of justice to ensure safe and just Earth system boundaries to provide universal life support for all.

You can read the full open access paper here!

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