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TRANSFORMATIONS 2021 Online Conference

In 2020, a tipping point may have been crossed on how societies worldwide deal with multiple overlapping crises. On an unprecedented scale we see groups and communities mobilizing to re-imagine and transform the pre-pandemic systems which led to current vulnerabilities, risks and unsustainable practices. This challenging but also fertile moment calls for urgent knowledge synthesis able to enact positive tipping points and tipping interventions towards new regenerative development trajectories.

The TRANSFORMATIONS 2021 Conference, part of the Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) Congress and co-organised by TIPPING+, will showcase the latest developments in research and practice of transformations towards sustainability, as well as support and celebrate transdisciplinary learning networks for new collective international initiatives. The focus will be to work collaboratively on a synthesis on action-oriented knowledge in the light of the global pandemic. It will be taking place between 17th-18th June 2021 entirely online. Keynotes and co-creative sessions will occur in three zones (the Americas, Australia, Europe) providing the opportunity to participants worldwide to join the sessions live.

Registered participants will have full access between June and July 2021 to the Transformations Conference interactive platform containing presentations of contributions, discussion channels and networking.

Participants to the 2021 Transformations Conference can additionally also register to the SRI Congress, a joint initiative of Future Earth and Belmont Forum. However, participants to the 2021 Transformations Conference are neither obliged to register to the SRI Congress partnering event, nor pay the SRI Congress fee.

Learn more about the conference, register and submit your contributions here

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